An 8 week Live Immersion for
Women on the Rise!  

You've seen and read the stories of those women on your insta feed who seem to magnetise people to them, the right opportunities, great relationships, miracles seem to land in their lap?  They appear so connected to their intuition, to their gifts, to their femininity.  They 're on a mission, they know what they are here to do and confidences oozes from every cell in their body.  They can walk into a room and turn heads and completely with their presence change the vibe. What do they have going on?

You're a successful woman, you've already accomplished so much with you life. But somehow you find yourself struggling to find the passion you once felt, you feel disconnected from your truth and gifts. 

And you tired of second guessing yourself and that nagging feeling of not being good enough. 

 Ready to quantum leap into the life of your dreams? Tune into your inner Empress & become the leading lady in your life? 

You know you are mean't for more! 

 The time for hiding and fearing your own voice, and playing small is over.  And you know it!   So many women are experiencing challenges right now in relationships, finances, health,  were being called to wake up.  The Wild Woman in us all is trying to Rise. The wounded feminine is looking for a way to heal.  To Rise into the feminine leader you are here to be.   Those voices you hear come from lifetimes of abuse to the feminine, past down from your mother, your grandmothers.  Fear of not being good enough, worthy enough but the time right now is ripe to bring a death to this old paradigm. 

 You've outgrown who you once were.  I know how disconnected you feel.  I was there. A new you is on the horizon.. You desire to feel in touch with your soul gifts, femininity, creativity, intuition and connected to universal wisdom and healing. To be the leading lady into your own life.  

It's awaken your inner Goddess and Empress energy. And it's all about your energy and how you show up. 

The Academy is a sanctuary, a vortex that will support you in doing just this. 

We do the inner work, releasing what's been keeping us stuck, hiding from the world.  That's the real work. We shine a light on the darkness. So much healing comes from this space. Shifting your frequency from lack to fulfilment.  We support each other to rise into embodied feminine leaders. 

 From this cocoon, we raise our vibration, we shift from 3D to 5D living. Manifesting speeds up. We collapse the timelines and right now this is all possible with the rise in consciousness. We are manifesting quicker than everYou set your intention, align your energy, do the mindset work and take the inspired action and boom!

In this sanctuary you will find your sacred path connecting with your inner compass. You will explore past lives in your Akashic Records to see what is influencing you and your vibration today and release this and any soul contracts for healing. As you step into being the leading lady you are here to be you feel the inner bitch pale.  

With the help of mindset, energy work and connecting with your own cosmic team and the divine feminine, you will witness the quantum shifts in your energy and in your life. 
You will tune into your Priestess and Empress energy, we all have these. Discovering how to tap into and enhance your own intuitive superpowers. To stop second guessing yourself, laying a new foundation to go places you've never gone before. Try new things, SHE will lead you to a whole new way of life. Heightening your success and magnetising abundance towards you. To surround yourself with beauty and abundance. She will lead you into divine holy riches on all levels, not just monetary, but on the inside too as she guides you into loving yourself deeply. 

This program has been designed for woman who are on a mission and desire to have a huge impact in the world, but know it's time to reconnect with themselves on a whole new level, go where they've never gone before, connect to the divine feminine, their inner medicine.  Say no more to playing small, feeling the calling to speak up, share their message with the world. To do the work they've come here to do and contribute in a bigger way.  To become a magnet for the opposite sex, money, love, and deeper more intimate relationships.

If you could detox from all the family drama & conditioning, that has held you back.  To feel empowered, wealthy and free. To finally know what you are here to do.  Feeling confident doing just that. By stepping fully into your divine feminine magic.

Just imagine...

Manifesting abundance. No longer stuck in scarcity consciousness.  The old wealth paradigm instead shift into the new feminine wealth paradigm, channelling your Gold in new and different ways.  Out of feast & famine mode.

Being part of a sacred sisterhood of women who are bringing their gifts into the world, leaving their doubts and blocks behind.  Stepping into their feminine power. Rising together, creating magical experiences together. 

Living your truth and creating a life in alignment with that. Trusting your intuition and making decisions based on what you feel rather than knee jerk reactions and what you think is right!   

what if you could have success & happiness on

your terms?

Healing from the past trauma & the drama that has held them back 

A much stronger connection with themselves, their intuition and the Universal wisdom with the ability to access their own Akashic Records on speed dial 

Clearing away blocks to abundance &
manifesting new homes, better relationships
A client won a court case

New jobs, higher salaries (some 6 figures), increase in biz income

Discovering their soul gifts and what they are here to do

Creating new lives and businesses on purpose

Moving from overwhelm to peace and clarity

Stepping into the leading lady they are here to be with unwavering confidence, self worth & belief in themselves

effects & results from some of my clients:

I want to apply!

Awaken the goddess within

Reconnecting with your divine feminine magic & Channelling   

What's  Included

Discover your influences

Practices to help you reconnect with your true nature, your original soul blueprint. So you can connect with your divine gifts & talents.  No more energy drain.

Your soul is like an inner GPS system our work is clearing anything standing in the way of you receiving this on speed dial.  
Live coaching session.

Access your souls wisdom & Blueprint  

Intuition on speed dial

Discover your soul Gifts

Visit your past lives & heal the mother line. To release you from the chains of ancestral pattens.
Re-writing the past to change the future. 
Visioning & creating new akashic records. 
Energy mastery - creating new beliefs and structures to quantum leap & collapse the timelines, to step into your Empress energy now.
Get ready to Rise!
Live group coaching.

Discovering our soul gifts, our primary & secondary soul gifts.  Are you a communicator soul?  A healer?  A speaker, etc. All these will make a difference to how you channel your energies and how best to channel them for your own happiness and success and in your life and biz. 
Opening the Akashic Records for the big reveal. 

Week 2 on soul gifts, our primary & secondary soul gifts.  And opening the Akashic Records for the big reveal.  Discover how to channel your Talent Team. 

 Channel from the collective, your higher self, Angelic realm, Guides, Goddess energy - the divine feminine.  Tap into the energies of the High Priestess, Wild woman and Empress.  Group Live coaching.

 Intuition is the language of the soul.  How is yours communicating?  Gain crystal clear clarity on your predominant intuitive gifts and discover how to develop these.

Learn how to conduct a soul reading for yourself and others.  How to be a conduit for the spirit collective.  And use the Oracle & tarot as tools.  Not just to read the meanings but to tune into the the different energies. Ethics & Etiquette doing readings.  

Setting intentions for the program.  Releasing karmic patterns, limiting beliefs and old stories that no longer serve us.  Raising our vibration to the loving, confident, empowered, wise, intuitive Goddess you are.  

Receive intuitive guidance, mindset and energy healing to let the karma drama go!   Live group coaching session.   

module 1

module 2

moldule 3

module 4

module 5

module 6


Clear the money blocks

module 7

module 8

 energetics  activate your weatlh & abundance codes 

This week is all about being next level now, we will be increasing our energetic minimums and maximums.  And our ability to manifest through the various money channels around us.  All the work you have done so far has moved you to this point.  To a point of manifesting limitless abundance. Reconnecting with your divine feminine magic, and the new wealth paradigm.  The art of feminine abundance.

We've all been there.  But these are exactly what create chaos in your ability to attract money.  "Money is the root of all evil!"  "You cannot be spiritual and make lots of money", truth is spirit want's you to live in abundance. 
Get clear on what's holding you back! 

Re-imprint the new Weatlh paradigm.

Luxury Retreats in Suffolk UK

optional upgrade

 Unwind. Re-Connect. Manifest Miracles

As an optional upgrade you're invited to join the Sisters of the Rose Collective at a Luxury Manor for a 2 day exquisite healing and manifesting miracles with soul retreat in the UK.

We dive deep together in sacred ceremony, with Cocoa, the plant medicine for opening the heart. To release more of what is standing in our way to achieving our dreams, to unblock what is holding you back from moving forward.  

You will look deeper into our Soul, your primary soul gifts, gain clarity, remembering who you are, your unique magick and what you've come here to do.  

In sisterhood we circle, with sound healing, crystal bowl and devotional chanting to open up the heart chakra and break free from anything that no longer serves us.  

"The beauty of chanting is that it works for everyone no matter where you are at in life or what you’re going through. Or how big your dreams are. It’s all about vibrational alignment" ~ Nikki Slade

When you are resonating with and from your inner sacred chord, magic happens. The mind chatter loses it’s hold on you and you become free to move forward. But that’s just the beginning…

You will truly connect with your Soul & inner voice. 
Activating your light. 

And discover the art of Channelling, having connected with you own inner voice and Spirit and the Goddess you are, you will also discover how powerful the Akashic Records can be in healing your life.  

Intuitive coaching, channeling, mindset and healing work with myself to help you come into alignment and manifest your desires.

Relax with Yoga & guided meditation & healing activations

Opening the heart, breakthroughs and Sisterhood!  

You will leave feeling ready for your next level, knowing how to access your own higher self on speed dial, feeling confident with your gifts, and have a sense of purpose.

You will be well on your way to manifesting the miracles in your life you desire. 

As an Academy member you will receive a discounted rate for the Retreat. Retreat planned for September dates to be finalised. 

Prices on Application. 

 life of your dreams

You've come this far, so what are you waiting for, now trust your intuition hop on a call! 

You deserve to have

This is for you if...

let me tell you about the peeps I serve!

It's for the seekers, the light workers, the healers, the coaches, the soul centered, passionate woman who feels her magic deep inside and desires to express this. Desires to have a huge impact in the world.

You are seeking a sacred sisterhood of  women who get it.  You are seeking that big-time accountability to make those quantum leaps.  

You're looking for a deeper connection with your own soul, for a better relationship with yourself, with money, with others, with your health & wellbeing

You're looking for someone that gets you, that can see, feel and hear what's really going on with you 

You're done with feeling numb, with the struggle, you want to feel you are living your best life, to be attracting what you deserve.  It's for the women who are ready to rise up & done with the hiding!  Done with playing small.

For women that are no longer available to stay stuck.  In jobs, relationships, salaries, or anything that no longer serves them.  For the rising feminine leaders. 

I'm your guide! Apply here

This is for you if you're looking...

For an initiation into a new way of living infused with wealth consciousness, sacred practices, rituals and healing activations to help you remember your magic.  To begin turning heads, manifesting and connecting with the divine feminine and be seen in a whole new way like never before.

 Tapping into this wellspring of creative energy will transform your life. It's about helping you to connect with your soul, who you are at your core, your essence, timeless beauty and charm.  Awakening the exquisite woman inside.  This is the medicine to help you connect with your soul's purpose, if you require this, to magnetise more wealth, more intimate relationships where you are coming together as sisters and not competitors.

This is for an intimate group.   If you would like more information and to apply for the upcoming Academy hit the apply button.  

You are ready to put into your put on your crown. And step into the empowered, gifted, connected, heart centered, soul inspired Goddess! 

You're ready to OWN your own power.

You are ready to stop hiding!

You are ready to Rise & give yourself what you deserve! 


Who You Are...

Love Notes!

"Sarah Is a gift of pure energy and divine guidance. I have never met any mentor that is so well rounded with the best of online marketing, intuitive & spiritual guidance, mindset shifts, how to get published to unleashing your authentic voice!"

"She is a true mentor & visionary that can help you breakthrough your limiting beliefs. She is able to channel divine guidance that can shift your perspective in minutes. Thank you Sarah for our journey together, I could have never done this with out you. "

Michelle Ashley

"Anyone that gets the chance to work with Sarah is in for a treat. She's the real deal! 

"If I hadn’t hired her 6 months ago my life would be VERY different than it is now. I was just starting to come out of my lowest point after taking an online course and thought I was on the mend. I didn’t know I still really needed help until I got on a discovery call with her and within minutes burst into tears (something I NEVER do).

She has been amazing in helping me heal from some past trauma and in the process of doing so helped me discover a passion for helping women in a similar situation to me.

Working with her has been great! She’s patient, intuitive, funny and has a way about her that puts you at ease. She has even managed to get me do something I have a phobia about ... being on camera."


She has a true gift of connection, of knowing and you can tell when you speak with her ... magic!

"So appreciative as I listened for about the 5th time to my session again with Sarah - what an amazing experience! Sarah really helped me put some pieces together that lately have been eluding me. I've been holding things at arms length, not truly letting my gifts and creativity out of a box in which I seem to have locked them away.

Sarah helped me unlock and truly see and feel the things I could sense were there. She has a true gift of connection...of knowing, and you can tell when you speak with her, magic. I highly recommend giving her a shout if you're feeling like you're so close you can taste it but something seems to be holding you back."


"Sarah is warm, genuine, intuitive, and is able to see your gifts and offerings so that you start believing in them yourself."

"When I started working with Sarah I had zero direction and felt totally lost and aimless in life and with my business. On top of that I was going through a break-up, moved from a country I loved, and my savings was dwindling rapidly. To say I was "stuck" or in a "funk" was an understatement. After 6 short weeks of breakthroughs, becoming more visible in my business, and getting more clearer, some crazy shifts started happening. I now have a vision and I know the steps to confidently take to move towards it and learning how to keep my mind focused and trusting my intuition regardless of what is going on.  Most importantly I am learning to express myself freely, share my truth, and rise into the highest expression of myself. 


"She truly is an amazing & gifted Intuitive Channel, Coach and Healer, and it has been an absolute pleasure working with her over the last several months

Since day one, I had a connection with Sarah. She helped breathe life into me when I felt like I was at a loss with growing my spiritual business. Truly scared in investing in myself, she really believed in me and just not only provided me with a road map to get my business up and going, but the mindset and energy work that is vital to staying high vibe and in the flow, giving me the confidence to manifest everything I wanted for myself and business.

Sarah also took a deep dive into my Akashic Records to share with me my main two gifts and channeled messages to let me know that what I have dreamt of and so much more, is on its way, confirming for me that I am on the right path! ! Thank you SO much, Sarah!! You are truly the best!!""

Kristine Folkes

"She gave me an intense sense of security and comfort. Her knowledge is empowering"

"I've never been blessed to work with a Intuitive Channel, Medium and Coach all in one. Sarah is a true visionary. WHOA! It has taken me several days to digest and write this. My grandmother was with us the entire time. So many reassurances came through. Everything Sarah said made so much sense. Sarah could not have known who my grandmother was, how she lived or how she died. Sarah kept touching her own head at one point...how would she have known that my grandmother spent her last minutes on this earth stroking my hair. Sarah started to get really hoarse to the point of needing a sip of water. She knew my grandmother had something in her throat. It was a breathing tube. And she sensed something wrong with her chest/lungs. She had emphysema. It was not the kind of session I had envisioned. It was a million times better. Sarah gave me wisdom and guidance too as she tuned into my higher self & Spirit.  She helped me get clear & make shifts.   I look forward to working with Sarah again in the future.  You will not regret a second of your time with her. Sarah, I can't thank you enough for your guidance. Blessings!"


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one time payment for 6 weeks

• Modules 1 - 6!  
• 1 Weekly group live coaching call
• Private FB Group with Academy Sisters
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one time payment for optional upgrade to 8 weeks

VIP Option upgrade for the private

• Modules 1 - 8!  
• 1 Weekly group live coaching call
• Private FB Group with Academy Sisters
• Weekly FB Lives with Sarah & Q&A in FB group
*1 private 1-1 session with Sarah, (value £297)

• Modules 1 - 8!  
• 1 Weekly group coaching live call
• Private FB Group 
• Weekly FB Lives & Q & A
• 2 private 1-1 sessions with Sarah  Sarah (value £597)

One time - SAVE 15%

Payment plans over 2 months available with 15% instalment fee. Details on application.

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An Aries and obsessed with boho, books, coffee and my yoga mat. A modern day mystic at heart so love the oracle too. I have turned my life into my dreams of travel, connection, sisterhood, an international spiritual business doing what I love.

But it wasn't always this way, I struggled for a while trying to find my place in the world. To find a sense of peace too. Doubting myself, in fear of messing up, and often fearing what others thought of me.  

So today, I help others shine their light, teaching how to lead a richer life. Riches on all levels. YES that means divine compensation too. So, I'm here to help you activate your light, to crack you open, to live a life aligned to your true nature and divine gifts. With a deeply rooted confidence and a clear sense of self worth and inner peace. 

Tapping into your inner Goddess and becoming the visionary leader, teacher, CEO or Mom you've come here to be. Fully awakened in her Goddess energy.  And it's all about Energy!  From your health to your bank account.   

Hey Beauty!!  

I'm Sarah

Sat Nam

Sarah x