Awaken your
Inner Mystic

  Manifest better relationships, health and abundance like a Goddess

You are looking to reconnect with your healing and woo woo gifts that have been suppressed.  Your inner Oracle, Seer, Psychic, Healer, Intuitive.  The gifts that the Patriachy suppressed in us thousands of years ago.  Calling us witches.  For being gifted as healers, as intuitives, as midwives, counsellors etc. 

So, if you are looking to connect more with the language of your Soul, your intuition these beautiful gifts.  To hone these and start creating miracles in your own life.  Just know...
Your light is needed, your voice and your divine purpose matters. Are you ready to manifest abundance?  Are you ready to remember your magic?  To trust your inner wisdom and medicine? To leave the confusion behind?

Using our six senses and understanding cracking the code of our intuition changes everything. 

There are certain crossroads in your spiritual journey when it's time to realign with soul to bring in more light.  Sarah will teach, guide and give you the practical tools to hone your intuition and psychic ability and your connection with the Higher realms.  

Showing you how to channel your own cosmic team of Angels, guides, spirit and loved ones. 

If you are ready to re-igniting the magic inside of you connect with your inner medicine and soul, you will love this one week journey.  Expect healing shifts and a little bit of magic as we move through the week together.  

Becoming the Queen in your own life is having a strong inner knowing, confidence, and trusting your intuition.  Stepping into your next-level of success requires overcoming your limitations and stepping into limitlessness.  How can you do this if you do not trust your intuition?  Stepping into the woman you are here to means trusting and listening to your intuition and the Universe, spirit's messages you are receiving everyday.  Your bottom line is counting on it...

This Circle is for you sister if... 


Does this sound like you Sister?

You feel stuck. Confused, unsure of your next move.  Doubting yourself and what you are here to do.  

You know in some way you are here to do spiritual work and work with your intuition, perhaps as an intuitive, an intuitive healer, or blend this with your current work but you worry a little about what others may think

You are overwhelmed 'trying' to manifest abundance into your life. Emotionally it feels like you're on some Ferris wheel. Up one minute down the next. Because you find it difficult to trust your intuition so often miss or dismiss the messages

Unsure of your soul gifts and purpose, looking for something more meaningful and soul fulfilling in your life

Feeling weighed down by life's challenges and wish to break free of the limited thinking. 

You desire to feel more confident, inspired and to own your gifts, talents and worth in the world.

You long to pull that abundance card the Ace of Cups. Along with the Queen of Pentacles, then you know you are well on your way to manifesting the life you dream of. The financial prosperity, the love. the opportunities. 

You are a Wise Woman, a holy woman, a Creatrix, an Oracle & powerful Goddess...let me help you connect with the part of you that knows! Your Intuitive & Spiritual Superpowers.

A look at some of what we can explore! 

Your Primary & Secondary Intuitive Gifts

Developing the six senses, clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognisance, clairaudience, etc.  You will receive teachings, guidance & practical tools in how to do this

Exploring cards, oracle, tarot

Opening up safely, to spirit, and your cosmic team of Angels, Spirit and guides.

Raising your vibration to hear receive clearer messages

Grounding yourself and closing down 

Opening up the Akashic Records.  Channeled guidance from your higher self & the Akashic Records

Healing from your Angels, Spirit and guides

Healing messages from your loved ones in spirit for more advanced

Kundalini Kriya & Meditation for Intuition

This is a mixed level group.  You might be a beginner or want to advance your intuition/psychic ability and connection with the Higher realms. 

You're a feminine leader, a light worker, a healer, a coach, a therapist, a wise one, a dreamer, a guide.  A stay at home mum wanting more for herself, for her life. and you know it's all waiting!  You might be wanting to connect more with your own clients on a deeper level.  

To live a life of grace, beauty and flow.  To feel alive, confident, radiant.  Full of abundance not lack.  

Starting 23rd March 2021.  Our own private FB Group.  Over 3 days experience 3 90 min workshops, on zoom our own private FB group and plenty of fun and time to practice your new found skills with like minded sisters.  £100 for the whole week.  Please forward payment to at Paypal.  Oh and everything is recorded so you don't miss a thing! Content may vary depending on the the group. 

Hey Beauty!!  

An Aries and obsessed with boho, books, coffee and my yoga mat. A modern day mystic at heart so love the oracle too. I have turned my life into my dreams of travel, connection, sisterhood, an international spiritual business doing what I love. 

But it wasn't always this way, I struggled for a while trying to find my place in the world. To find a sense of peace too. Doubting myself, in fear of messing up, and often fearing what others thought of me.  

So today, I help others shine their light, teaching how to lead a richer life. Riches on all levels. YES that means divine compensation too. So, I'm here to help you activate your light, to crack you open, to live a life aligned to your true nature and divine gifts. With a deeply rooted confidence and a clear sense of self worth and inner peace. 

Tapping into your inner Goddess and becoming the visionary leader, teacher, CEO or Mom you've come here to be. Fully awakened in her Goddess energy. And it's all about Energy! From your health to your bank account.  I have journey as an Intuitive channel, Medium, Energy Healer, Sacred Feminine Guide, Transformational & Biz Mentor.  Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher.  Trained in feminine embodiment practices, tantra & sacred sexuality.   EFT & Matrix Re-imprinting Practitioner, Soul Re-Alignment Practitioner & Coach.  More on the about page of website.  


Sue Hackenmiller

 Highly recommend Sarah's Intuition Development Circle course. Sarah is such a beautiful soul and she has such an amazing connection to Spirit. Sarah is also very fun to work with! This course also connected me with several other beautiful people who are all developing their intuitive gifts. Whether you are just beginning to develop your own intuition skills or you are more advanced, you will find this course valuable! Thank you Sarah!

lots of love:

Just finished Sarah's Intuitive & Goddess Circle, and wow, she is wonderful lady of pure light and healing and is a fountain of knowledge. 

Her fun and charismatic style of teaching is fantastic she gave me new tools and practices for life.  I would highly recommend this course no matter what stage of your journey you are on. Sarah guides you through this process lovingly and connects you to other beautiful like minded souls, who share this wonderful gift of being on this path.   But it's much more than just a course, its getting in touch with your gifts and in touch with your higher self. The beauty of this journey is the process not the final destination.  

Just wanted to thank Sarah Dyer again for the amazing time we had last week. I was able to learn so much about myself and to tune into my intuition a lot more even from just a few sessions. It was as if I needed that in order to switch my radar and start making decisions that are alined to what I need to be doing. Thank you and thank you to all the lovely ladies i got to meet and interact with. You're all wonderful!!

WOW! Words can not describe how thankful I am for Sarah and her Intuitive Development Circle.

During this course I’ve experienced a healing breakthrough I’ve been waiting years for! Not only benefiting myself, but my partner as well. I’m still in disbelief because it was truly amazing! I look forward to more classes and having Sarah apart of my continuing journey. I’m so blessed and grateful to have her.

Developing your intuition, no matter where you are on your Spiritual Journey is an asset that you will never forget or regret! Sarah is a beautiful soul that leads you on a path of healing and discovery!  Love on yourself a while and journey with Sarah through this wonderful experience!  I'm forever grateful to Sarah and God’s gifts to each of these unique souls.

The Intuitive & Goddess Circle is a beautiful journey into your God given gifts. Sarah is a well educated and experienced teacher that will help you understand what your intuition really is! My experience was blossoming like a flower with each days experience! Incredible journey that I recommend to everyone!

 I am so grateful to have participated in the Intuitive & Goddess Circle! Sarah has the most wonderful, warm energy and has so much to offer in helping you develop your own intuitive gifts and practices.

 The circle attracted a lovely group of women, and I really enjoyed the opportunities to connect and practice together. I had been developing my intuitive abilities for a long time before joining this circle, and I have to say that the most amazing part of the week was seeing my confidence grow so much!

Sarah said on the first day that intuition was a journey of self esteem, and her help in this area has been so incredible. Thank you so much to Sarah and all of the gorgeous women who came together!

"I have no words to express my sincere gratitude to you for what I've learned in your Intuitive & Goddess Circle. Thank you for giving me the tools that I need to continue learning and expanding on the knowledge you taught me!

Your course had a very strong collective energy that was felt by us all and it was absolutely beautiful. It was made of pure love, support and inspiration. Thank you for the practice lessons we had that allowed us to expand and open our minds to new perceptions and levels of consciousness. The growth I experienced in your class was exponential compared to me trying to learn this on my own. Thank you for sharing your stories and making this fun and easy to follow. I really appreciate the compilation of your knowledge through many years of school and experience to bring us a remarkable program! I absolutely love your energy Sarah and look forward to learning so much from you in future courses!
Peace & Love"  

"Before I met Sarah, I was going nowhere, I did'nt really know what I want, I had lost touch with my self and felt disconnected emotionally and spiritually. When I saw Sarah, I knew she would be my light to everything. And I'm glad I listened to this voice inside of me and started spiritual and transformational coaching with Sarah.  By our first session, she had already unfolded many things inside of me, most of all, she has helped me tapped into my inner voice, intuition and soul's purpose. By the 3rd session, opportunity was already knocking on my door and things started getting easier and easier in my daily life. Especially my relationship with my husband. We have found back our connection with each other. I also joined the Intuitive Goddesses development circle, this workshop has skyrocketed my intuition, and my creativity.  I reconnected with my feminine energy inside of me to and just feel so different. Thank you Sarah, you have such an amazing and powerful energy to help others unfold their own gifts."  

~ Jenny Cummins

~ Paolo Frias

~ Mei Stephanie Chang

~ Paolo Frias

~ Annie Driggs

~ Pamela Jordon

~ Erin Langley

~ Crissy Merrit

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