Sensual Goddess 

Awaken your Divine Feminine Magic
  & manifest wealth & abundance 
like a Goddess

Live One week immersion starting 9th August!  

Are you ready for divine femme holy abundance and money miracles?  Are you ready to reconnect and trust your inner wisdom and medicine?

Join me in the immersion where I share all the tools, practices, healing activations to awaken your inner money Goddess and call in the energy of abundance and prosperity! 

These are the tools & principles that helped me go from broke and 20K credit card debt to growing my business and doubling my income then tripling my income then pulling in my first 10K month, this really can happen for you too. 

You will be introduced to what's keeping you from receiving.  You will receive healing activations, and the principles and tools to help you heal your money drama and align with abundance. 

You will receive my Priestess money practices shifting you from lack towards holy money miracles.

There is a new paradigm in wealth consciousness

Does this sound like you Sister?

You feel overwhelmed 'trying' to manifest abundance into your life. Emotionally it feels like you're on some Ferris wheel. Up one minute down the next.

Whatever you seem to try just isn't working.  You've read all the books, and to some degree you've even had some success with this... and yet you cannot seem to sustain a healthy money/abundance balance.  

You desire to make an income doing what you love, you desire connection, travel, to contribute something meaningful with the world to share your gifts and your voice, without feeling the financial drain.  

You long to rid yourself of the stories you keep telling yourself that are blocking your success and the path to manifest abundance into your life. 

You long to pull that abundance card the Ace of Cups. Along with the Queen of Pentacles, then you know you are well on your way to manifesting the femme way with grace and ease towards success and financial prosperity but in a heartfelt way. Listening and trusting your inner wisdom.

 Feeling radiant, alive, free, Shakti turned up and on all the way Sister.  That's where the magic is... and beauty that is where we are going.  

You are a Wise Woman, a holy woman, a Creatrix, an Oracle & powerful Goddess...let me help you connect with the part of you that knows!

A look at what's inside! 

The missing pieces ... Healing the mother line, our ancestral patterns that are blocking our money flow. And ability to receive.

The energy mastery principles to align yourself with abundance.

Finery for your fruits!  Learn about magic & sacred sexuality practices. Enter the Tachyon Sacred Temple.  Crystal egg.  This is an ancient Taoist and Tantric practice for women, used by Tantrikas & Priestesses for thousands of years, and adapted to suit modern day goddesses like yourself. Not only will you connect with yourself on a whole new level the healing you will receive ripples into every area of your life including your bank account, becoming a magnet for success money and love.  

The conversation you are having about money and the kind of relationship you have with this determines how this will flow into your life.

Money loves the vibration of love. We are hard wired to love... this is the secret sauce.

Working with our cosmic relationship, to the Goddess, activating the consciousness of Lakshimi.  Or, if you prefer, the Universe, Angels, God, (use your language here).

Working in the Akashic Records to manifest Abundance
(just a taste but oh so much more to come! )

You're a feminine leader, a light worker, a healer, a wise one, a dreamer, a guide.  You are mean't to Rise, you are here to lead and you are here to awaken the inner Goddess and awaken others on your path. 

To live a life of grace, beauty and flow.  To feel, alive, radiant, blissed out.  Full of abundance not lack.  The Goddess in you already knows how to manifest and create wealth, the feminine way I say wealth as these principles I will share will enhance all areas of you life.  From your relationships to receiving divine compensation.

Together we are rising, we are reclaiming our power, our divine feminine power, we are returning to our wombs.  Our inner medicine and wisdom.

If you are looking for a new way of manifesting abundance and prosperity, to stop the struggling and to thrive in the area of your finances by opening yourself up to receive, connecting to the divine feminine and get off the scarcity grid and into your Goddess flow, then I invite you to join me in the week long immersion.  

An intimate group, giving you the opportunity to work with Sarah. Including private FB group, a mixture of journal prompts. Live coaching, healing activations and wisdom from the Akashic Records.  To help you clear out the energetic cobwebs of whats been blocking you from receiving.  Click on the link below to reserve your place and we will send you the payment link.

  One Payment £97. 

Hey Beauty!!  

An Aries and obsessed with boho, books, coffee and my yoga mat. A modern day mystic at heart so love the oracle too. I have turned my life into my dreams of travel, connection, sisterhood, an international spiritual business doing what I love. 

But it wasn't always this way, I struggled for a while trying to find my place in the world. To find a sense of peace too. Doubting myself, in fear of messing up, and often fearing what others thought of me.  

So today, I help others shine their light, teaching how to lead a richer life. Riches on all levels. YES that means divine compensation too. So, I'm here to help you activate your light, to crack you open, to live a life aligned to your true nature and divine gifts. With a deeply rooted confidence and a clear sense of self worth and inner peace. 

Tapping into your inner Goddess and becoming the visionary leader, teacher, CEO or Mom you've come here to be. Fully awakened in her Goddess energy. And it's all about Energy! From your health to your bank account.  Trained in feminine embodiment practices, tantra & sacred sexuality, mediumship, channeling, energy healing, Matrix Re-imprinting, EFT, Akashic Records.  More on the about page of website.  



~ Rachel Williams

Thanks you I cannot tell you how much this has changed things for me.  It all makes so much sense after listening to you and going through the practices.  I can see where I've been blocking myself. I just feel a huge release.  Just 2 days after listening to you I received 2 new clients who signed up. And yesterday I had an unexpected cheque in the post, I actually had to pinch myself.  Thank you it's been an amazing experience!

lots of love:

Sarah since the call, I have manifested a new job, more money and looking at a house move, my parents out of the blue have said they can help with the deposit on a house. This stuff really works!!!

~ Melanie Jameson 

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