Soul Clarity Sessions

 & Spiritual leadership consultations 

If you're struggling, doubting yourself, confused and overwhelmed with which direction to go in.  Or not knowing what your purpose, mission and gifts are.  These sessions will provide the breakthroughs you need to move forward with clarity.  And support you on your healing journey. 

Your light is needed, your voice and your divine purpose matters. Are you ready to manifest abundance?  Are you ready to remember your magic?  To trust your inner wisdom and medicine? To leave the confusion behind?

There are certain crossroads in your spiritual journey when it's time to realign with soul to bring in more light.  Sarah's spiritual consultations are unique as she works with her spirit team, your higher self, and in the akashic records to support you in re-igniting the magic inside so you receive the energy shifts and healing necessary to move forwards.  
In a private session with Sarah you will receive channeled teachings, guidance, healing activations. You can choose either a 90 min or 60 min session.  The full 90 min session, covers a range of different aspects for your life and spiritual business if you have one.

Stepping into your next-level of success requires overcoming your limitations and stepping into limitlessness.

Your private session with Sarah will highlight the root cause of your deepest fears as she guides and coaches you in releasing these.

A session can include a wide range of guidance on how to navigate your professional spiritual leadership or it can be used as a sanctuary for personal healing and communication with your own akashic records, spirit team and guides. 

Most sessions include a combination of mentorship, channeled information, spiritual counselling, transformational and mindset coaching and healing.

Every session is entirely driven by how open you are.

A Soul Sessions  

Does this sound like you Sister?

You feel stuck. Confused, unsure of your next move.  Doubting yourself and what you are here to do.

You are overwhelmed 'trying' to manifest abundance into your life. Emotionally it feels like you're on some Ferris wheel. Up one minute down the next.

Unsure of your soul gifts and purpose, looking for something more meaningful and soul fulfilling in your life

Feeling weighed down by life's challenges and wish to break free of the limited thinking. 

You desire to feel more confident, inspired and to own your gifts, talents and worth in the world.

You desire to make an income doing what you love, you desire connection, travel, to contribute something meaningful with the world to share your gifts and your voice, without feeling the financial drain.  

You long to rid yourself of the stories you keep telling yourself that are blocking your success and the path to manifest abundance into your life. 

You long to pull that abundance card the Ace of Cups. Along with the Queen of Pentacles, then you know you are well on your way to manifesting the life you dream of. The financial prosperity, the love. the opportunities. 

 Feeling radiant, alive, free, Shakti turned up and on all the way Sister.  That's where the magic is... and beauty that is where we are going.  

You are a Wise Woman, a holy woman, a Creatrix, an Oracle & powerful Goddess...let me help you connect with the part of you that knows!

A look at some of what we can explore! 

Healing the mother line, ancestral patterns that are blocking your ability to manifest abundance in your life. 

Channeled guidance from your higher self

Mentorship and healing from your Angels, Spirit and guides

Healing messages from your loved ones in spirit

Spiritual business consultations for those on the spiritual leadership path

Unleashing your Soul gifts & purpose

Discovering what past life influencers have been keeping you going around in a pattern in this lifetime

Releasing what no longer serves you. So you can leave with a spring in your step, clarity and a new found purpose.

Depending on where your energy want's to go, healing activations, coaching maybe part of your session. 

You're a feminine leader, a light worker, a healer, a therapist, a coach, a wise one, a dreamer, a guide.  You are mean't to Rise, you are here to lead and you are here to awaken the inner Goddess and awaken others on your path. 

To live a life of grace, beauty and flow.  To feel alive, confident, radiant.  Full of abundance not lack.  

Together we are rising, we are reclaiming our power, our divine feminine power.

  90 min soul session £297.  Email Our team of Angels will get back to you within 24 hours.  The price of a 60 min session is £197.  If you book in and for any reason have to change your appointment please give us 24 hours notice. 

For legal purposes.  Be advised that readings are for Entertainment Purposes ONLY. Readings may not be 100% accurate. The client is responsible for their own life and decisions.  

Hey Beauty!!  

An Aries and obsessed with boho, books, coffee and my yoga mat. (And my fur baby Milo!) A modern day mystic at heart so love the oracle too. I have turned my life into my dreams of travel, connection, sisterhood, an international spiritual business doing what I love.

But it wasn't always this way, I struggled for a while trying to find my place in the world. To find a sense of peace too. Doubting myself, in fear of messing up, fear of being judged, not feeling good enough, which effected my work and my relationships. I found myself in very co-dependent relationships. 

I dove into my past trauma, conditioning, patterns and limited thinking, cracked myself open. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes. I made the transformation to becoming the Queen in my own life. 

So today, I help others shine their light, teaching how to lead a richer life. To find the freedom, independence. Become the one in their own lives, which usually means finding the one in our relationships too. It's all an inside job. Riches on all levels. YES that means divine compensation too. So, I'm here to help you activate your light, to crack you open, to live a life aligned to your true nature and divine gifts. With a deeply rooted confidence and a clear sense of self worth and inner peace. Using a combination of energy healing, transformational coaching, intuitive and psychic work, as well as kundalini yoga prescribed kriyas to help you shift your energy and transform. 

Tapping into your inner Goddess and becoming the visionary leader, teacher, CEO or Mom you've come here to be. Fully awakened in her Goddess energy. And it's all about Energy! From your health to your bank account.   

 A seasoned Intuitive channel, Spiritual, Transformational & Biz Mentor.  Trained in feminine embodiment practices, tantra & sacred sexuality.  Energy healing, EFT & Matrix Re-imprinting Practitioner, Soul Re-Alignment Practitioner & Coach.  Kundalini Yoga & Meditation teacher. More on the about page of website.  


~ Rachel 

Thanks you I cannot tell you how much this has changed things for me.  It all makes so much sense after listening to you and going through the practices.  I can see where I've been blocking myself. I just feel a huge release.  Just 2 days after listening to you I received 2 new clients who signed up. And yesterday I had an unexpected cheque in the post, I actually had to pinch myself.  Thank you it's been an amazing experience!

lots of love:

I believe people come in to our lives for a reason. After having a couple of intuitive readings on Sarah's lives in her FB group, which were spot on, I decided to take advantage of one of her 1 to 1 soul sessions. I was feeling very out of alignment and stuck and wanted to know whether I was on the right track in my life and business. The session was incredible and very enlightening. Sarah channelled my guides and took me in to my Akashic records which was illuminating.

Sarah said I would feel further shifts following the session, and indeed I have. I feel much happier at a deep level, I am practicing listening to and trusting my intuition and I feel ready to take on the world! I'm so excited for what is to come and I can't thank Sarah enough. She has a beautiful energy and is incredible at what she does. I hope to work again with her in the future on a longer basis!

~ Annabella

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