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This work is sacred and radical so it will change your life.    We believe that every woman deserves to have her desires met.  No one should live in fear, doubt and second guessing themselves.  So if this you, know things are about to change.

You are an ever unfolding Rose   

And you've come to the right place to Rise up! You know you're a leading lady.   You've followed the wink from the Universe and made it here so choose your potion below Sister!  

'Empress Rising'  
& Sisters of the Rose

Time to Activate your Light.

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An Aries and obsessed with boho, books, coffee and my yoga mat. A modern day mystic at heart so love the oracle too. I have turned my life into my dreams of travel, connection, sisterhood, an international spiritual business doing what I love.

But it wasn't always this way, I struggled for a while trying to find my place in the world. To find a sense of peace too. Doubting myself, in fear of messing up, and often fearing what others thought of me.  

So today, I help others shine their light, teaching how to lead a richer life. Riches on all levels. YES that means divine compensation too. So, I'm here to help you activate your light, to crack you open, to live a life aligned to your true nature and divine gifts. With a deeply rooted confidence and a clear sense of self worth and inner peace. 

Tapping into your inner Goddess and becoming the visionary leader, teacher, CEO or Mom you've come here to be. Fully awakened in her Goddess energy.  And it's all about Energy!  From your health to your bank account.   

Hey Beauty!!  

I'm Sarah

Sat Nam

Sarah x

 THInk WILD, wealthy & FREE. This is YOUR


Time to

your light

Shakti turned up and turned on all the way! 

 1-1 Intuitive Coaching/Mentorship

'Empress Rising' Academy

Sisters of the rose Collective™ 

You will reconnect with your inner magic & fire. Shakti!  For passionate driven women hearing the call to something bigger, to be their best self now. Let go of the struggle and live a more soul aligned life. To love themselves deeply. Be in tune with their own inner wisdom and gifts.  And turn those gifts into a pay check.  Think Wild, Wealthy & Free!  Ready for expansion?  Click below. Private mentorship 3 & 6 month programs from someone who has done it!  

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An 8 week program to connect with your Soul.  We are women remembering our magic, connecting deeply with our gifts, purpose & worth.  Healing deep cellular memories & ancestral patterns that have held us back.  Without shame, speaking our truth. We value freedom, we value sisterhood we know together we create magic.  Whether you're the CEO of your own company, mother doing the school run, this is all about connecting with your inner wisdom, confidence, creativity & channeling your Goddess energy and Gold to rise into riches.   Think Akashic Alchemy!

sounds like fun!

We are a membership & gathering for Goddesses, mystics, healers, coaches and women on the rise!  Inside the circle receive monthly live coaching. Sister circles. Meditations, healing activations, to help you connect with your inner magic & rise into riches.  A sacred sisterhood of women activating their abundance, rose & wealth codes. Remembering who they are, their soul gifts, their true nature.  Fully connected to source.  Transcending the karmic patterns that have held them back.  Together creating magic! 

yes, please.

— Michelle Ashley

Sarah Is a gift of pure energy and divine guidance. I have never met any mentor that is so well rounded with the best of online marketing, intuitive & spiritual guidance, mindset shifts, how to get published to unleashing your authentic voice!"

— Tracy Keeping

"Anyone that gets the chance to work with Sarah is in for a treat. She's the real deal!"

— Kristine Folkes

"She truly is an amazing & gifted Intuitive Channel, Coach and Healer, and it has been an absolute pleasure working with her over the last several months."



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For practical advice, intuitive insights, channeling, interviews and stories from 'Women on the Rise!' Women remembering who they really are.  Who no longer wish to play small. Who wish to have a voice. Sarah helps women to remember their magic, to awaken their inner Goddess & fire living a soul aligned life! 



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