I'm nestled in a 16 Century Thatched cottage in the English Countryside with my fur baby Milo. A modern day mystic at heart. Love Coffee, Boho, the oracle, a good book and my yoga mat while listening to Spotif.

Obsessed with helping others shine their light, teaching how to lead a richer life. Riches on all levels. YES that means divine compensation too.  

I AM here to help you activate your light, to crack you open, to live a life aligned to your true nature and divine gifts. Trusting your intuitive superpowers. With deeply rooted confidence and a clear sense of self worth. Tapping into your inner Goddess and becoming the leader you've come here to be. Fully awakened in her Empress energy. 

Hey Beauty!

my story...

I'm Sarah

Sat Nam Goddess x

Sarah is a Spiritual Entrepreneur, Writer, Intuitive Channel, Inspirational Speaker, Teacher & Healer.  Having worked with 100's of women all over the world. Between spending her time hosting retreats, programs, and working private 1-1, she's learning preparing the launch of her Podcast in 2020!  Interviewing those who have overcome adversity. 

 As an advocate for inspiring change and following the heart, her work offers a blend of intuitive, transformational, spiritual and emotional healing through.  She works as a channel to guide you in remembering who you are, your gifts and the magic inside you.  To live your best life.

As a former Journalist before making the transition into this work, she's been fortunate to grace the pages of many on and offline magazines. The popular Huffington Post,  Soul & Spirit Magazine, Spirit & Destiny, Best Self Magazine, Healthy Magazine, Natural Health, Wellbeing Magazine, Mind Body Green, etc.. 

 She launched her Journalism career from the BBC Action Desk. (So, she's business savvy and loves a great story.) Everything she does today has all these skills brought to the table.

Along with Transformational, Spiritual and Business Coaching, focused on women's awakening and empowerment. Sarah is trained and experienced with over a decade in the Intuitive & Healing Arts, an Akashic Records Practitioner,  Reiki healing, EFT & Matrix Re-imprinting Therapist.  Tarot, Oracle, Transcedental Meditation Practitioner.  Shamanic practices and Toa Tantra - women's feminine practices. She has a treasure trove to support those she works with.    

Now for the less informal story line.  My early years weren't quite smooth sailing.  I had an awakening at age 17.  I was involved in a serious car accident. The driver fell asleep at the wheel and I was thrown from the back car window screen as the car ran off the road.  I landed in a ditch, suffered from severe head injuries which left me with the effects of a Stroke and paralysis on my right side of my body (temporarily thankfully) but this changed everything.    I had no use of my right arm, couldn’t speak without slurring or think without it sending my head fuzzy. And suffered amnesia.

  Rather than falling victim to my circumstances I empowered myself to heal, my intuition cracked open, I'm not sure if this was a result of the accident but suddenly I was living from my sixth sense like I did as a child.    More importantly I knew with every cell of my body that anything was possible in this life.  There was nothing in this life I couldn’t do if I focused my mind and believed. Life began again…literally. I had to give up my career as a hairdresser. When I did eventually return to work some months later as I was unable to walk up the stairs, or remember anything. I was serving up teas, coffees and getting everything in a muddle.  And don't get me started on what styling hair was like, I was trying to do it with one hand.  I had no use of my right arm. That's when I knew it was over. But life was beginning again with a new found awareness. 

  My journey into the Healing and Intuitive Arts began.  I was immersed in energy medicine, spirituality, and work on a deep intuitive level for my own healing and curiosity. Winding forward 7 years I was also armed with BA (Hons) Degree, part chartered in Marketing and I'd met someone.  Eventually I went into Journalism.  Basically I'd beaten the odds as one of this was on the horizon according to Medical professionals!  Life was good for a while. 

Alas, 17 years later at 34 after having been with this person 17 years,  17 is a popular number in my chart, I experienced a second blow, I never realised the emotional, spiritual and mental turmoil I was about to endure.  It was harder than rebuilding my life the first time.  My Nan whom I was extremely close to died suddenly, so did my westie Molly.  My whole world rocked.  I fell into depression. 

 I no longer recognised myself anymore, disconnected from who I really was.  This forced me to turn inwards, to dive deep, I was in the dark nights of the Soul. And then I began my own self love affair and travel.

 I did the whole EAT PLAY LOVE fest!  And bought 3 tickets, France, for season in the French Alps skiing, Thailand and lastly I travelled through Bali!  On my own trail of Eat Play Love.  It was about finding a love for myself.  Before I could find 'The One!'  Today I'm blessed to say I found my King of Cups! A loving, gentle, charismatic guy  who makes me smile everyday.  That's another story but he was in front of me for 10 years. Shivers! 

And so SHE Rises!.. 

I needed to share what I had been through more importantly what I had done to pull myself out of the mess I'd created. Every person I crossed paths with was a teacher on my path cracking me open more to allow the light to get in.  It showed me what I had come here to learn and then teach.  The trials, tribulations and challenges were all lessons and I found the Gift in them.  And finally create a life I never imagined possible.  It's been a decade from when I fell apart at the seems but today I tell a new story.   And here to guide you in remembering who you are.  And that is you are spirit, you have the heart of the universe inside you, you are here to experience joy, you are here to experience love, you are here to experience your divine nature and bliss.   

As well as building a community of like minded women ready to rise and awaken their inner Goddess, we are sisters walking together in this world creating a better one for ourselves and our families. We are healing our voices, when one woman rises, she heals and she heals those that stand beside her.   

In my other life,  I remember one of my male friends saying I was crushing it, you're savvy you've got it going on ... that's what it looked like on the outside. I was cool, I'd moved to London, changed my identity - I was a Journalist, something I could hide behind.  But inside I told a different story.  And everyone woman has one. So don't kid yourself If you don't feel happy that's your soul calling, SHE is calling you - are you going to listen?  Sat Nam beauty!  

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eat, pray, love

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 yoga, Salsa

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Green Juice! Coffee - Duh! 

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chocolat's chocolate!

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on your own two feet ~ Amy purdy

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savasana (duh!)

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green goddess smoothie

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spell & the gypsy collective 

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Awakening!! Bad Car Accident. Changed my life! 


First article published!! Woohoo!  Travelled to South East Asia with a min size hairdryer. Taught how to Snowboard by the British Champion - I kid you not! 

1990 - 1998 

Big Healing Journey!
 Intuition cracked wide open.


I started professional readings & intuitive healings, wrote more articles got published.  Traveled more in Thailand.


 Graduated in Marketing from Uni! Started first marketing job - hated it :)  


Started Intuitive Coaching business! Travelled to Bali for a while. Ate lots, meet lots of great people.


Separated from partner after 17 years.  All change. Trained as a Journalist! Moved to London, started a new life!  


Doing my Bhakti Yoga training, learning the Classic Guitar. Taking singing lessons. :) Hosting the Academy & Retreats!  

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This little guy changed my life. 

The fur baby! wouldn't be right to not mention him!


love my bike it even has a belL!  


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I'm obsessed with VW's! 


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