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Nothing can contain your spirit beauty! 

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Shakti, is 1-1 mentorship.  You will reconnect with your inner magic & fire!  For passionate driven heart centred women, hearing the call to something bigger, to take their lives to the next level. 

To love themselves deeply. Be in tune with their own inner wisdom, intuition and gifts. Women ready to let go of the fear that's held them back.

 Think Shakti! Your sexual, creative energy is the Holy Grail.  When this is turned on we create magick. Think Wild Woman, unleash your gifts & your voice.  Think Wealthy, tune into your inner priestess and sacred feminine energy.  Think free to step into the life you so deserve.   Using spiritual, energy healing, and mindset hacks we turn the page. For those on a 6 month journey I help you turn your gifts into a pay check.  This is the front door if you're ready to claim your gifts and Goddess energy beauty from someone that's done it! 


*Cultivating & bringing alive your sexual, spiritual, aka creative energy into your life and projects

Weekly 1-Hour Skype Calls
*Full messenger support

Unleash the Wild Woman

• Releasing & Healing Karmic Patterns & anything holding you back from stepping into your empress energy.  Becoming the leading lady in your own world. Breaking free from limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck.
*Healing activations
*Energy Mastery

*Self Love & Spiritual practices to Get you Goddess on, to build unwavering confidence & a strong sense of self worth 
*Stepping into the energy of the next version of you and next level  now.  
*Awaken your primary and secondary soul gifts and what you are here to do
*Discover how to channel your soul's wisdom & the universal wisdom from the Akashic records
Bonus:  Akashic Records
*Healing activations
*Energy Mastery

• Money Mindset - Sacred feminine money mindset. Cultivating limitless abundance & discover the secret to what is really blocking your money flow you won't find this in Think & Grow Rich! 


* 6 Months of weekly 1 hour Skype Coaching & a full day VIP intensive with Sarah 
• Full messenger Support  

*Cultivating and bringing alive your sexual, aka creative energy into your life and projects

Unleash the Wild Woman
• Releasing & Healing Karmic Patterns & limiting beliefs
*Healing activations
*Energy Mastery
*Self Love & Spiritual practices to Get you Goddess on, build unwavering confidence & a strong sense of self worth 
*Stepping into the energy of the next version of you now.
*Awaken your primary & secondary soul gifts & what you are here to do
*Discover how to channel your Soul's wisdom & universal wisdom from the Akashic Records
Bonus: Akashic Records

• Money Mindset - Sacred feminine money mindset. Cultivating limitless abundance & discover the secret to what is really blocking your money flow you won't find this in Think & Grow Rich! 

* Getting clear on your message
* Who you are here to serve
* Getting clear on your offerings from Soul
* Marketing energetics
* Sales energetics
* PR with Soul
*Craft your story
*Social Media with Soul
* How to get published think Forbes, think Mind, Body, Green, think Thrive

* Payment plans available. You can speak to Sarah directly 


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These programs are not just another mindset, strategy, spiritual coaching program.  It is an initiation into a new way of living infused with wealth consciousness, akashic record work, sacred practices, rituals and healing activations to help you activate your own magic and begin turning heads, manifesting and connecting with the divine feminine and be seen in a whole new way like never before.  

Tapping into this wellspring of creative, Shakti will transform your life.  It's about helping you to connect with who you are at your core, your essence, timeless beauty and charm.   Awakening the exquisite woman inside.  This is the medicine to help you connect with your soul's purpose and gifts, if you require this, to magnetise more wealth, more intimate relationships where you are coming together as sisters and not competitors.  The modern day woman uses her creative energy to manifest.  

The more awake, alive and vibrant this is the more abundance rolls in. Turn ON your own charisma and creative magic for a lifestyle of inner peace, love, deeper intimacy, juicy business, ecstatic bliss.  It's time to step into the priestess that you are.  Activate and discover your flow and your own Shakti.  You know when you've connected with your inner medicine, life flows. You stop bitching, complaining, comparing, feeling confused, anxious and financial drain.  

This work is sacred, powerful and will radically change your life if you let it.   Falling in love with every inch of yourself opens you up to a new world of ABUNDANCE to create the life of your dreams.  Within the sacred container you will see what is holding you back, release any emotional baggage you are carrying from the past, these can crippling as they ripple into other areas of our lives.  I wore this t-shirt!  Release any limiting beliefs keeping you stuck and quieten the inner bitch. Your intuition will heighten. 

For women who are unavailable to stay stuck in what no longer feels aligned, jobs, relationships, salaries, simply anything they know deep down they've out grown.

If you are on are on the business track, you will create offerings from soul, marketing and sales from soul and let your intuition guide you.  You will shift your energy, heal the stories, and no longer feel like you have to hustle as your soul mate clients, opportunities and the money begins to magnetise to you as you open up to receiving, that's energetic mastery! So if you want to stop hiding, and start living, you're ready to rise! 

All programs are completely tailored to your needs.  This is just a guideline. You will need to book in for a deep dive call with me to see if there is magic between us and if this is the right fit for you.


Shakti turned up & on all the way! Ready to Rise? 

'She Rises' Academy

A healing vortex for women on the rise.  Connect with your Soul.  Surround yourself like-minded sisters. Connect deeply with your soul gifts & self worth.  Releasing and healing what no longer serves the women you are here to be.  

This is for women ready to rise.  Rise into riches and divine sacred power on all levels. Ready to claim your sovereignty, to feel empowered as you step into your superpowers, your intuitive and spiritual gifts?

Whether you're the CEO of your own company, mother doing the school run, this is all about connecting with your inner wisdom, confidence, creativity & channeling your Goddess energy & Gold!   No more hiding!  


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— Michelle Ashley

Sarah Is a gift of pure energy and divine guidance. I have never met any mentor that is so well rounded with the best of online marketing, intuitive & spiritual guidance, mindset shifts, how to get published to unleashing your authentic voice!"

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Nothing can contain her spirit!

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Get on the waitlist for the deets on the membership launching this in the Summer!  To help you rise into your Goddess energy and manifest abundance into your life.  Finally freeing up your voice.  Live Intuitive coaching in private FB group. In person retreats. Sister circles, meditations, healings activations.

Some topics covered: the sacred art of feminine abundance, activating our wealth and abundance codes, manifesting abundance, channeling the spirit collective & Goddess energy.  Freeing the voice & opening the wisdom of the heart. 

 Esoteric sessions to heighten intuition, and rise into your Priestess energy, psychometry, tarot, oracle.  Activating your 9th Chakra. Accessing Akashic Records & universal wisdom.  Past live's, soul contracts, guides. Think mystery school! 

Energy mastery - aura's, chakra's for wellbeing. Toa Tantric healing practices, aka jade egg for healing. And more. 


we Rise  & Create


I know you Sister!  And I have to be honest my life felt like a shit show for a while back there. I've had a number of spiritual awakenings (as we do) over the years, all of them huge wake up calls. 

I looked confident on the outside but inside told a different story. I was trying to fit in. I doubted myself and worried too much about what others thought. I people pleased.   I struggled to share my voice and gifts.  Like so many women I was carrying so much ancestral baggage.  I felt disconnected from who I really was, I watched the spark in my eyes pale more every day.   I lost my self esteem and confidence. 

  I manifesting Fibromyalgia. I didn't feel safe in the world. I felt suffocated. I could hear my soul calling.  And so ... my healing has been a deep dive right into my ancestors. My mother and father lines. And I have to say enlightening.  Everything made sense.  The epithanies came, then the shifts and the healing. 

 I began my own self love affair.  Soul alignment became my thing. I Aligned my energy and took care of myself, bringing all the attention back to how I felt in any given moment, and doing things that were in alignment with this using spiritual and energy medicine tools, and making my whole mission one about service, and not me things changed.  I started to find myself. In my biz money began to flow.  I made more connections, I was more present, I was living life rather than stuck in the past or the future. And getting paid to do what i love most.  Today I run a successful international spiritual business helping women over come their fears, let go of the past, and step into their own versions of financial freedom, peace and soul fulfilment.  I'm here to remind you that you are not what the voice in your head tells you. 

 I've been entrenched in the personal development, healing and spiritual field for over 30 years.  From age 17 when the I was involved in a nasty car accident. That left me with severe injuries.  After this, I knew I was going to be combining personal development, spirituality and the mystical side of life in my work. I just didn't have a clue how. I was brought up in a very spiritual family, although business people themselves. So always encouraged to listen to my intuition. I have the 'real world' credentials, training, qualifications, e.g my degrees, and  also in the coaching, healing and spiritual work.  You can find these on the about me page.

One last note, I know investing in ourselves can be scary. So I would say just trust your intuition.  It if feels good it is.  It might still be as scary as hell but that's ok, you are moving out of the comfort zone and on the brink of transformation.  A commitment and yes to yourself is half the work. When I landed on my first mentor's site, I felt a connection instantly, I so wanted to work with her. I couldn't afford to privately. I didn't have 20K for 3 months. So I jumped in with both feet and joined her year long spiritual life and business coaching certificate program. I have to say this was a turning point for me at last I felt like I knew what I was doing, I felt passionate about what I was here to do. And I knew how I was going to do it. So, if you are feeling that connection, listen to that, listen to your inner voice, not the noisy neighbour but the one that want's the best for you. The one who encourages you to go beyond your comfort zone. Listen to her. And I will see you on the call. You made it this far!  And if you want to hear from others just take a peak a boo below! 

Why Me?

Love Notes!

"Sarah Is a gift of pure energy and divine guidance. I have never met any mentor that is so well rounded with the best of online marketing, intuitive & spiritual guidance, mindset shifts, how to get published to unleashing your authentic voice!"

"She is a true mentor & visionary that can help you breakthrough your limiting beliefs. She is able to channel divine guidance that can shift your perspective in minutes. Thank you Sarah for our journey together, I could have never done this with out you. "

Michelle Ashley

"Anyone that gets the chance to work with Sarah is in for a treat. She's the real deal! 

"If I hadn’t hired her 6 months ago my life would be VERY different than it is now. I was just starting to come out of my lowest point after taking an online course and thought I was on the mend. I didn’t know I still really needed help until I got on a discovery call with her and within minutes burst into tears (something I NEVER do).

She has been amazing in helping me heal from some past trauma and in the process of doing so helped me discover a passion for helping women in a similar situation to me.

Working with her has been great! She’s patient, intuitive, funny and has a way about her that puts you at ease. She has even managed to get me do something I have a phobia about ... being on camera."


She has a true gift of connection, of knowing and you can tell when you speak with her ... magic!

"So appreciative as I listened for about the 5th time to my session again with Sarah - what an amazing experience! Sarah really helped me put some pieces together that lately have been eluding me. I've been holding things at arms length, not truly letting my gifts and creativity out of a box in which I seem to have locked them away.

Sarah helped me unlock and truly see and feel the things I could sense were there. She has a true gift of connection...of knowing, and you can tell when you speak with her, magic. I highly recommend giving her a shout if you're feeling like you're so close you can taste it but something seems to be holding you back."


"Sarah is warm, genuine, intuitive, and is able to see your gifts and offerings so that you start believing in them yourself."

"When I started working with Sarah I had zero direction and felt totally lost and aimless in life and with my business. On top of that I was going through a break-up, moved from a country I loved, and my savings was dwindling rapidly. To say I was "stuck" or in a "funk" was an understatement. After 6 short weeks of breakthroughs, becoming more visible in my business, and getting more clearer, some crazy shifts started happening. I now have a vision and I know the steps to confidently take to move towards it and learning how to keep my mind focused and trusting my intuition regardless of what is going on.  Most importantly I am learning to express myself freely, share my truth, and rise into the highest expression of myself. 


"She truly is an amazing & gifted Intuitive Channel, Coach and Healer, and it has been an absolute pleasure working with her over the last several months

Since day one, I had a connection with Sarah. She helped breathe life into me when I felt like I was at a loss with growing my spiritual business. Truly scared in investing in myself, she really believed in me and just not only provided me with a road map to get my business up and going, but the mindset and energy work that is vital to staying high vibe and in the flow, giving me the confidence to manifest everything I wanted for myself and business.

Sarah also took a deep dive into my Akashic Records to share with me my main two gifts and channeled messages to let me know that what I have dreamt of and so much more, is on its way, confirming for me that I am on the right path! ! Thank you SO much, Sarah!! You are truly the best!!""

Kristine Folkes

"She gave me an intense sense of security and comfort. Her knowledge is empowering"

"I've never been blessed to work with a Intuitive Channel, Medium and Coach all in one. Sarah is a true visionary. WHOA! It has taken me several days to digest and write this. My grandmother was with us the entire time. So many reassurances came through. Everything Sarah said made so much sense. Sarah could not have known who my grandmother was, how she lived or how she died. Sarah kept touching her own head at one point...how would she have known that my grandmother spent her last minutes on this earth stroking my hair. Sarah started to get really hoarse to the point of needing a sip of water. She knew my grandmother had something in her throat. It was a breathing tube. And she sensed something wrong with her chest/lungs. She had emphysema. It was not the kind of session I had envisioned. It was a million times better. Sarah gave me wisdom and guidance too as she tuned into my higher self & Spirit.  She helped me get clear & make shifts.   I look forward to working with Sarah again in the future.  You will not regret a second of your time with her. Sarah, I can't thank you enough for your guidance. Blessings!"